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Green Card Through Employment

Green card through job

One way for someone to obtain a green card to be able to reside and work in the United States or immigrate to the United States is through employment sponsorship. Having a professional immigration attorney CT in your corner can help you through the process. Potential employees need a company to sponsor them for permanent residence.

A little more about waiting times

Getting a green card through employment is a common method of immigrating. In fact, the process has become so common that the number of green cards that are available by ways of employment sponsorship have a serious backlog. It can take several years to process the actual green card for most categories. However, for those with the patience and the flexibility necessary to complete the process, it is an effective method.

How the process works

A process called Labor Certification begins the immigration through employment path. Future employers need a Prevailing Wage Determination – a salary requirement from the Department of Labor – and will need to run advertisements in the local newspaper and online as though the position is available. The Department of Labor will accept a Labor Certification application if no qualified US workers apply for the job.

The second step is to petition the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office. This petition will need to include the proof that the employer can pay the employee if the green card is approved, proof of the employee’s experience and education, and the approved and executed Labor Certification Application. If the USCIS approves the petition, it means onto the next step.

The final step is the employee’s actual green card application. Unless the category of employment-based green card has quota available, it is not possible to complete this stage. Another reason it is important to work with a qualified immigration lawyer Connecticut that knows the specifics of the process.

After the visa is made available, the proceedings of obtaining the green card can move forward. It is possible to process a green card by employment through Immigrant Visa Processing (via US Consulates) or through Adjustment of Status. The available/preferable method depends on the employee’s employment history, immigration history, employee’s background, and other different factors.

How we are able to help you

We are able to help in a number of different ways. Because of our fast service, we are able to help foreign nationals evaluate their options and help US employers that wish to sponsor workers look for possibilities. As an immigration law office CT, we provide representation throughout the entire employment immigration process. As experienced professionals, we can represent applicants and petitioners throughout the immigration process, develop case strategies, and analyze options.

We have extensive experience with the immigration process – including related matters of employers’ ability to pay and educational equivalencies. We have a history of success in filing special category petitions. If you want to know more about what we can do for you or what your options are, call today for a free evaluation of your case specifics.

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