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Green Card Through Family

Green Card through Family

Both permanent residents and United States citizens are able to file family-based immigration petitions. Because it can be a complicated process with many different requirements, most applicants prefer to use a qualified immigration lawyer Connecticut that can provide guidance and experience throughout.


When it comes to getting a green card through family, you will hear the term ‘immediate relative’ often. This refers to limited relatives of United States citizens and may include children, parents, and spouses. Spouses need to be aware of different rules, because if a marriage is less than two years in duration there may be limitations placed on a green card.


Preference relative

The other term that you may hear when discussing your case with an immigration lawyer Connecticut is ‘preference relative’. This refers to specific other relatives to permanent residents and United States citizens. These may include brothers and sisters of citizens, married and unmarried sons and/or daughters (over the age of 21, considered legal adults) of citizens. Until these have current priority dates, preference relatives are not able to obtain permanent residence.


What is the difference in waiting times?

When it comes to visa availability waiting times, immediate relatives do not have to concern themselves with these. Those already in the United States can adjust their status by filing Form I-485.


There are often very long waiting times for those wanting to come in as a preference relative. There are strict annual limits on permanent immigration benefits, thus causing the lengthy delay. The length of time that a preference relative is going to have to wait will depend on the country of origin, whether the family preference category is appropriate, and if the process can be completed in a fluid process. This is another reason to hire the best immigration lawyer possible.


What are the requirements?

  • If the case is family based, there will likely have to be an affidavit of support
  • There must be sufficient documentation of the qualifying family relationship
  • It is necessary to file I-130 for each sponsored family member (immediate relatives have to complete these)
  • The sponsoring relative has to file a petition for the qualifying foreign national relative (form I-130). If the interested party is outside of the United States at the time, consular processing will control the immigrant visa case


Why it matters to hire an immigration lawyer

Remember that the United States immigration system is one of the most complex systems in the world.We provide you with the best immigration lawyers when it comes to immigration through family members and through marriage. We are able to help you process your application through the Department of State (DOS), the National Visa Center (NVC), USCIS (formerly the INS), and other immigration agencies.


If you want to know what your options are, be sure to call or email us today and find out. By providing you with a speedy case evaluation free of charge, you will know exactly what your chances are and what you can do to speed up the process.

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